Tissue Culture Laboratory

Tissue culture is a plant propagation method that involves taking tissues or cells from a live or newly harvested plant and cultivating them in a sterile environment. Through this process, clones of the original parent plant, which are genetically identical copies, can be produced. This technique is particularly beneficial for strains that are challenging to propagate from seed or for cultivators who aim to reproduce a plant with favourable characteristics. By using tissue culture, valuable genetics can be safeguarded, and uniform plants that are less vulnerable to disease can be created.

We built a 16.50 m2 tissue culture laboratory in our facility. Within this lab space, we carry out a tissue culture service for our own plants and for external requests. The advantage of tissue culture is the possibility of being able to produce a large number of “copies” of a specific plant of interest. In addition, aseptic propagation ensure that each new plant is sterile and free of pathogens and contaminants. Tissue culture minimises the possibility of genetic changes over time, compared to propagation from branches of a mother plant.

More about GHEG


Over 30 years of experience

GHEG Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between one of Thailand’s largest cannabis cultivation and processing facilities and some of the world’s most successful cannabis businesses, Green House Seed Co, Strain Hunters and GH Medical. Arjan Roskam, the founder of Green House Brands, has been active in the Global Cannabis Industry since 1985, bringing over 38 years of experience to the upcoming Cannabis Industry in Thailand.


Green House Energrow to export into the EU

The outdoor sections of the Energrow facility are built according to the Good Agricultural Collection Practices guidelines and in compliance with EU Good Manufacturing Practices. During the first audit, a qualified person from our partners in Germany visited the facility to verify that the Standard Operating Procedures, Production Processes and Facility layout were compliant with the all guidelines, starting the process to become EU GMP Certified.

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Modern and efficient indoor flowering rooms

In the flowering room the plants will follow the specific light and growth cycle that will lead to the completion of the flowering and maturation cycle. Each room has its own redundant and backed up climate-control systems, air circulation fans, fresh air intake and outtake, fans, air scrubbers, LED lights, CO2 supplementation, monitoring equipment, and emergency lighting.