About Green House Energrow

We are Thailand’s leading cannabis company that specialises in the production of high quality exotic cannabis for domestic markets in Thailand and pharmaceutical grade for export into the European Union.

Who we are & what we do

Green House Energrow specialises in cannabis cultivation and processing at a commercial scale. We produce a wide range of cannabis flowers and other cannabis derived products as these become accessible. Our team consists of 10 cannabis industry experts from the Green House Seed Co, Strain Hunters, Green House Feeding, Energrow, and GH Medical Team.

1985- Arjan Roskam starts growing cannabis

This was the foundation of the Green House.

1992 - The first Green House Dispensary

Arjan Roskam opens the first Green House Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, which now counts more than 5 locations.

2015 - Strain Hunters Club Barcelona

A Strain Hunters Club is opened in Barcelona

2017 - Agripharm Cannabis Producer in Canada

Green House Brands North America signs a joint venture with Canopy Growth Corp and becomes a partner in a Canadian Licensed Producer Agripharm corp.

2019- Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis Thailand

GH Medical organises a workshop with TISTR to introduce medicinal cannabis in Thailand.

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